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Life and Art: The Art of Gloria Green



Toronto abstract artist Gloria Green (who also works in the oncology unit at the Hospital for Sick Children) emerges as a painter in Canada, and showcases vibrant and inspired works at Leonardo Galleries, Toronto until February 16

Toronto abstract artist Gloria Green (who is also a clinical dietitian in the haematology/oncology unit at Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto) emerges as a painter and showcases vibrant and inspired works from her collection at the current exhibit at Leonardo Galleries (112 Scollard St.), Toronto, which runs to Saturday, February 16, 2013.

Gloria Green states, “I am excited and happy to be exhibiting at Leonardo Gallery. My objective is to take the passion I have for music and science and build a multidisciplinary, humanistic approach to my paintings. Working with children with Cancer, I am inspired by their bravery; I paint with emotion and heart and the pieces in this show aim to evoke strong individual interpretation.

‘Reckless Ecstasy’ (a large piece, 48″ x 72″, featured in this release) is predominately red, with accompanying bursts of blues, oranges, yellows and whites. It is a bright, powerful painting meant to evoke passion, and freedom from inhibitions. Alternately, ‘Entering the Vortex’ (30″ x 40″) is a darker piece with bright red and white projecting from a black background. It is an introspective painting, encouraging self reflection.”

The presented works were completed using acrylic on canvas. Green favours non-toxic acrylic paints; the versatility with acrylic either thickens the palette or dilutes it, similar to water colour.

Inspired by early training in classical piano and an interest in abstract artists such as Franz Kline and Rothko, Green studied abstract painting under the direction of artist Lydia Panart at The Avenue Road School of Art, Toronto. Her musical influence brings to life her artistic vision, and consequently, by working in health care with children, her art shines with feeling and sentiment.

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Canadian-born artist Gloria Green RD, MSc has a degree in nutrition from Ryerson University, and a Master’s of Science from the University of Toronto.  As an emerging painter, Green has exhibited at many venues including Studio Vogue Gallery, SickKids Hospital (a donation; Haematology/Oncology Day Unit), Wellington Street Art Gallery, Toronto Art Expo, Seven Grams Espresso Bar and Leonardo Galleries. Green is also featured in the current Hospital for Sick Children subway billboard ad at the Dundas station, Toronto.

“Entering the Vortex” (acrylic on canvas) by Gloria Green

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