MERS Outbreak Claims Another Victim in South Korea and Adds 150 Infected



The death toll related to the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has reached 16, according to the most recent information from South Korea’s Ministry of Health.

The source gives an account of 150 cases of people infected with the deadly coronavirus, of which 17 have an unstable state.

The Government has assured that it is keeping the outbreak under control, which is thus far only is located in hospitals. There are 55 recorded cases.

More than half of those diagnosed with MERS belong to medical personnel or patients or family members of the infected.

So far the Ministry of health has put in quarantine a little more than 5200 people, suspected of being in contact with some of the sick.

The incubation period of the virus stretches approximately 14 days.

The 16 who died because of  MERS created a great embarrassment among the population who fear taking to the streets or gathering in high public gathering sites.

Science has not discovered any treatment or antidote to combat this coronavirus that was detected in Saudi Arabia in 2012. (PL)

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