Transparent Elections Ensured, Says Argentina’s Government


The chief of Argentina’s cabinet, Anibal Fernandez, said today that the transparency of presidential elections, set for next Sunday, is ensured and everything is ready.

In his customary meeting with the media at the Casa Rosada, seat of the Government, Fernandez denied that the results of the vote will take one week and confirmed that 48 hours after elections the final count begins.

In this regard, he said that everything is ready and cables with the results of the polling stations will be posted on the Internet, hence anyone in doubt could check them without problems and they will match the results with the station, district and province.

The Argentinian people are called to vote for the successor of Cristina Fernandez, who will take on power on December 10.

They will also vote for 24 new senators that represent a third of the 72-seat Senate and 130 parliamentarians, as well as the authorities of 11 out of 24 provinces in the country, including governors and provincial lawmakers. (PL)

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